PPGI & PPGL Sheet Coating
PPGI & PPGL Sheet Coating
PPGI & PPGL Sheet Coating
The total thickness of the pre-painted galvalume steel coil is composed of the base steel – coating -primer – top paint – protective layer thickness. The top paint thickness is 10-25μm, and the back paint thickness is 5-20μm. The thinner the base steel thickness, the higher the price of the ppgi steel coil, because the processing cost becomes higher.
Thickness0.12mm-1.5mm, according to customer’s requirement
width750mm-1250mm, according to customer’s requirement
StandardGBT2518-2008, ASTM A653 JIS G3302 ,EN 10142 and etc
Material gradeSGCC/SGCH/CS Type A and B/DX51D/DX52D/G550/S280/S350 ETC.
Zinc coatingZ30-Z275
Color standardRAL NO, Wooden color, Military color, or as per customer’s request
CoatingTop coating: 5-30UM
Back coating: 5-15UM
Coating typesTop Paint: PVDF, HDP,SMP,PE,PU
Primer Paint: Polyerethane, Epoxy, PE
Back Paint :Epoxy, Modified Polyester
Base steelGalvanized Steel ,Galvalume Steel ,Cold Rolled Steel
Surface treatmentPassivation or Chromated, Skin Pass, Oil or Unoiled, or Antifinger print


Usually the paint coating material is polyester (PE) and the color of the back paint is white grey. The color can be customized according to the RAL color card or customer samples. Special patterns can be made, such as wood grain, flower print, camouflage, brick.

PPGI Production Process Flow Chart

Unrolling → Stitching machine → Entrance loop → Pretreatment → Initial coating → Bake → Cool down → Fine coating → Bake → Embossed film → Export loop → Inspection station → Cut → Coiling
In the above process, if the cleaning degreasing process is not handled well, the adhesion of the primer of the color coated plate to the galvanized sheet is not good, and it is easy to cause the top coat of the color coated steel coil to fall off during the press forming process.
Coating primerTop paint coating
1)  Epoxy primer, good adhesion, water resistance, alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, poor single toughness.
2)  Polyester primer, good adhesion, good flexibility, sensitive to humid environment, chemical resistance is not as good as epoxy primer.
3)  Acrylic primer, good adhesion, good toughness and high pretreatment requirements.
4)  polyurethane primer, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, toughness
1)  Polyester resin, good adhesion, molding and outdoor durability.
2)  Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP)
3)  High weather resistant polyester (HDP)
4)  Polyvinyl fluoride (PVC)
5)  Polyvinylidene fluoride/fluorocarbon (PVDF) It has good formability and color retention, good outdoor durability and powder resistance, solvent resistance, limited color and high price.


Color Coated Steel Feature Excellent Decorativeness, Bendability, Corrosion Resistance, Coating Adhesion And Color Fastness.They Are Ideal Substitutes For Wood Panels In The Construction Industry Because Of Their Good Economic Features Such As Convenient Installation, Conservation Of Energy And Resistance To Contamination. Color Steel Sheets With Surface Texturing On The Surface Has Extremely Superb Anti-Scratch Qualities.Can Be Produced In Various Colors, And Has Credible Quality And Can Be Mass-Produced Economically. 


Outdoor: Workshop, agricultural warehouse, residential precast unit, corrugated roof, roller shutter door, rainwater drainage pipe, retailer booth

Indoor : Door , doorcase , light steel roof structure , folding screen , elevator , stairway , vent gutter


1. Buildings And Constructions  Workshop, Warehouse, Corrugated Roof And Wall, Rainwater, Drainage Pipe, Roller Shutter Door 
2. Electrical ApplianceRefrigerator, Washer, Switch Cabinet, Instrument Cabinate, Air Conditioning, Micro-Wave Oven, Bread Maker 
3. FurnitureCentral Heating Slice, Lampshade, Book Shelf 
4. Carrying TradeExterior Decoration Of Auto And Train, Clapboard, Container,Lsolation Board 
5. Others Writing Panel, Garbage Can, Billboard, Timekeeper, Typewriter, Instrument Panel, Weight Sensor, Photographic Equipment.

We can not only provide you with ordinary steel, but also help you find very personalized steel, such as special steel, special size, special process shape and so on.