ASME SA 387 GRADE 12 Class 1 steel
ASME SA 387 GRADE 12 Class 1 steel
ASME SA 387 GRADE 12 Class 1 steel
ASME SA 387 GRADE 12 Class 1,ASME SA387 Grade 12 Alloy Steel Plates
Engineered for use in elevated temperature service, is a chrome molybdenum carbon alloy steel for use in weldable pressure vessels and industrial boilers.
The material benefits from added chromium which provides excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance making it ideal for sour service applications in the oil and gas industry.
Length4m-12m or as required
Width0.6m-3m or as required
TechniqueHot rolled
Surface TreatmentClean, blasting and painting according to customer requirement
Thickness tolerance±0.1mm




ApplicationIt is widely used in mining machinery,environmental protection machinery,cement machinery, engineering machinery etc due to it is high wear resistance.


Technical Data

620 B13 CRMO 45SA387-12-113 CRMO 44

Specifications for ASME SA387 Grade 12 Alloy Steel Plates
Chromium & Molybdenum content (according to the ASME specification)
DesignationNominal Chromium
Content (%)
Nominal Molybdenum
Content (%)
SA387 Grade 121.00%0.50%

Tensile Requirements for ASME SA387 Grade 12 Alloy Steel Plates Class 1 Plates
Designation:Requirement:Grade 12
SA387 Grade 12Tensile strength, ksi [MPA]65 to 85 [450 to 585]

Yield strength, min, ksi [MPa]/(0.2% offset)40 [275]

Elongation in 8 in. [200mm], min %19

Elongation in 2 in. [50mm], min, %22

Reduction of area, min %–––

Chemical Requirements for ASME SA387 Grade 12 Alloy Steel Plates
Chemical Composition (%)

ASME SA387 Grade 12
Carbon:Heat Analysis:0.05 - 0.17

Product Analysis:0.04 - 0.17
Manganese:Heat Analysis:0.40 - 0.65

Product Analysis:0.35 - 0.73
Phosphorus:Heat Analysis:0.035

Product Analysis:0.035
Sulphur (max):Heat Analysis:0.035

Product Analysis:0.035
Silicon:Heat Analysis:0.15 - 0.40

Product Analysis:0.13 - 0.45
Chromium:Heat Analysis:0.80 - 1.15

Product Analysis:0.74 - 1.21
Molybdenum:Heat Analysis:0.45 - 0.60

Product Analysis:0.40 - 0.65

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