Bearing capacity of stainless steel plate

Stainless steel plate is widely used in our life, which also pays attention to its excellent performance, many people are more interested in the carrying capacity of stainless steel plate, in fact, its carrying capacity is another way to prove its quality:

1, stainless steel plate is the bottom of the pot type structure, the design of this structure increased its force area to make its force more uniform.

2, from the material aspect, the wear-resisting layer of stainless steel plate is made of multi-color quartz sand as wear-resisting material and added stabilizer, which virtually improves the wear-resisting performance of the product.

3, the use of continuous reinforced fiber skeleton, to ensure the high bearing capacity of the product from the material to avoid the separation and shedding phenomenon of other composite products due to the use of reinforced materials such as steel bar.

4, the use of layered composite process, to meet the requirements of institutional innovation and material innovation in different parts of the stainless steel plate using different reinforcement materials, to avoid separation, falling off phenomenon.