JIS G3125 SPA-H Corten steel
JIS G3125 SPA-H Corten steel
JIS G3125 SPA-H Corten steel
JIS G3125 SPA-H Corten steel,SPA-H steel plate/Sheet. SPA-H low alloy high strength atmospheric corrosion resisting steel.
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JIS G3125 SPA-H Corten steel widely used in air preheater, economizer, railway carriage, containers production, bridge building , construction and so on.
Atmospheric corrosion resisting steel for railway rolling stock Q450NQR1 Steel plae,Q450NQR1 Steel sheet,Q450NQR1 Steel material are mainly used in built railway vehicles,trains,vessel containers and so on.Q450NQR1 owned the minimum yield strength at 450Mpa and tensile strength Min.550Mpa.Our most stock of Q450NQR1 width is 1500mm and 1800mm.

The specifications:
Thickness: 3mm--150mm
Width: 30mm--4000mm
Length: 1000mm--12000mm
Standard: ASTM EN10025 JIS GB

Q450NQR1 material is outdoor steel and weathering steel used in containers, power plant chimneys and railway projects, such as steel for large outdoor sculptures. Weathering steel (that is, atmospheric corrosion resistant steel) is a series of low-alloy steels between ordinary steel and stainless steel, which are inexpensive and of good quality. After integrating the new mechanism, new technology and new process of modern metallurgy, sustainable development and innovation can be achieved and belong to the world.

Technical data

Chemical composition for TB/T 1979 Q450NQR1 STEEL PLATE (Heat Analysis Max%)

Main chemical elements composition of Q450NQR1

The main advantage of the chemical composition of Q450NQR1 steel is that it is made of ordinary carbon steel and contains small amounts of copper, nickel, and other corrosion-resistant elements. It has the characteristics of steel strength, ductility, forming, welding, wear resistance, high temperature, fatigue and so on; The weather resistance is 2~8 times that of ordinary carbon steel, and the coating performance is 1.5~10 times that of ordinary carbon steel, which can be used for thinner, bare or simplified coatings. The steel has the characteristics of anti-rust, corrosion resistance, long life, thinning and consumption reduction, labor saving and energy saving, which is beneficial to component manufacturers and users.

The main characteristics of Q450NQR1 material refer to low-alloy structural steel with protective anti-rust layer and atmospheric corrosion resistance, which can be used to manufacture steel structures such as vehicles, bridges, towers, and containers. Compared to carbon steel, weathering steel has better corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. Compared with stainless steel, weathering steel has only a small amount of alloying elements, such as phosphorus, copper, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, niobium, vanadium, titanium, etc. The total amount of alloying elements is only a few percent, unlike stainless steel, which reaches 100%. Ten percent, so the price is relatively low.

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